SAP HANA 开发&ABAP ON HANA-中文-限时优惠-网易精品课

SAP HANA 开发&ABAP ON HANA-中文-限时优惠-网易精品课


限时优惠,火速报名SAP HANA 开发&ABAP ON HANA-中文-报名学习


After completing this course, you will be able to:

1, Understand the technical concepts of SAP HANA(了解HAAN的基本概念)

2,Understand how to optimize classic ABAP for SAP HANA(基于HANA的ABAP程序的优化)

3,Access SAP HANA from ABAP using native SQL and ADBC (ABAP Database Connectivity)

4,Use Core Data Services in ABAP to define advanced views(ABAP CDS定义和使用)

5,Call SAP HANA stored procedures in ABAP and embed stored procedures in ABAP(ABAP上调用HANA存储过程)

6,Consume SAP HANA views in ABAP(在ABAP上访问HANA视图)

7,Create a simple SAP HANA view

8,Implement information models with the SAP HANA Studio(利用SAP HANA Studio建模)

9,Understand the difference between SAP HANA views

10,Ensure best performance of reporting through an optimized data model

11,Maintain security and authorizations(安全和权限控制)

还有最后一节 权限管理 9月份会更新出来

限时优惠,报名地址SAP HANA 开发&ABAP ON HANA-中文-报名学习

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