Netflix 的异地多活设计: Active-Active for Multi-Regional Resiliency

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《Active-Active for Multi-Regional Resiliency》是 2013 年的资料。从时间上来看资料比较老,那时候应该处于 IaaS 形式的云计算普及阶段,kubernetes、云原生等概念还在孕育中,从技术理念来说不过时,异地多活需要考虑的问题还是那么多,没有随着时间发展而消失。



A failure of any kind in one region should not affect services running in another.

A networking partitioning event should not affect quality of services in either region.

Implement Target

  1. Services must be stateless, all data/state replication needs to handled in data tier
  2. Must access resources locally in-Region
  3. There should not be any cross-regional calls on user’s call path
  4. Data replication should be asynchronous


Technical Challenges

Effective tooling for directing traffic to the correct Region:

  • DNS
  • AWS Route53

Traffic shaping and load shedding, to handling thundering herd event:

  • zuul:服务框架支持熔断、限流
    • Ability to identify and handle mis-routed requests. (user request is defined as mis-routed if it does not conform to our geo directional records)
    • Ability to declare a region in failover mode
    • Ability to define a maximum traffic level at any point in time, so that any additional requests will be automatically shed, in order to protect downstream services against a thundering herd of requests.

State/Data asynchronous cross-regional replication:

  • Cassandra:使用 cassandra 的 multi-region 模式,生产负载下实测500ms完成数据同步
    • Wrote 1 million records in one region of a multi-region cluster, 500ms later, initiated a reading of the records that were just written in the initial region in the other region, while keeping a production level of load on the cluster.
  • EvCache:一个 memcache client,Netflix没有用缓存的多主部署而是用远程失效的方式处理,远程 region 中的缓存被清除后,在后续请求中触发重新加载
    • Whenever there is a write in one region, EvCache client will send a message to another region(via SQS) to invalidate the corresponding entry
  • 后面在 split-brain 中提到即使数据同步过程阻塞了,也要正常服务:
    • We were looking to demonstrate that services in each Region continued to function normally, even though some of the data replication was getting queued up. Over the course of the Active-Active project we ran Split-brain exercise many times, and found and fixed many issues

此外,还实现了支持多区域的自动部署工具方便系统数据,设计了各种 Monkeys 检验系统的可靠性。


  • Chaos Gorilla:taks out a whole Availability Zone
  • Split-brain:servered the connectivity between Regions
  • Chaos Kong:模拟 Region 失败进行流量迁移,为了避免损害用户体验,这个 monkey 执行的时候流量迁移会更平滑、同时不会向用户返回错误。


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